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Hey hey! My name is Roxanne Duke & I am a photographer who works exclusively with cool brands & kind people. I started my photography business during my first year of university, with the goal to make a profit by the time I graduated. Not only did I make a profit, but by the time graduation came, I was already working full time for myself for a full year.

I graduated from Sheridan College in 2021 with an Honours Bachelor Degree in Photography. While a degree is not necessary to be a talented photographer (most of my profs were drop outs lol), I do believe that it prepared me for every technical situation possible while giving me the greatest understanding of photographic history & significance. I do not take my job as a photographer lightly & I don’t think anyone should; for as a photographer, I am the keeper of memories & feeling.

I am a firm believer that we are all connected. Our human experience is strung together by milestones, mistakes, & a mix of intense emotions; beautiful or messy, your story deserves to be told. For you, for those that love you, & for those that will follow you, for generations to come.

Let me show you just how ecstatic your world is.

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My love story

Like most modern couples, Alex & I met online. Bumble to be exact! When we matched I was sitting in my Post Production lab class & truly thought it was a mistake…he was just too perfect & handsome! My best friend convinced & helped me to curate the first message &, as they say, the rest is history.

In April 2022, Alex & I spent a month in Venice Beach, California (our favourite place) & Alex asked me to be his wife. At the end of a 8km run, we stopped at a baseball diamond to do some stretching & when I looked up from touching my toes, Alex was there with a beautiful ring in his hand. It was completely shocking & simply perfect. We were married privately in July 2023, at Hamilton City Hall & hosted the wedding of our dreams for friends & family in September 2023.

My favourite thing about Alex is his cool & calm presence. He is truly my other half & always knows how to make me smile. Together, we love to watch films, explore the outdoors, & play with our dog, Sox.

Photos from our city hall elopement by Natalie Sorichetti.

When I was 16, I did my first international solo trip (solo as-in without my parents). A friend & I frolicked through Spain & left infected by the travel bug. Since then, I saved all my dollars for my next adventure.

In less than ten years since that trip, I have travelled to Malta, Poland, Germany, France, Ireland, & more. I truly hope my lust for adventure never dies. As much as I love the rest of the world, I am largely biased because I love living & working in Canada.

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Currently, my Home office is located in Woodstock, Ontario.



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